Saturday, 17 November 2012

Creative space

A few people have commented on no recent blog posts. To give the response, not enough time seems lame, but is the honest answer. Another way of wording it is, the absence of creative space. Life seems over full with activities, events, deadlines, concerts and end of year functions. All of which are good and wonderful in themselves, just would be nice if they were spread over the year not all lumped in a 6 week sandwich! If life is normally lived on fast forward, then lately feels like super speed.

I am sure everyone feels the same at this time of year.

It's been interesting that nothing creative has welled up inside me in the whirlwind of busyness. Quite a few blogs this year have been devoted to the beauty of silence and retreating to reconnect with that creative space..... can't help but wonder all the creative energy lost in each of us with our crowded lives.  What Apple ideas could be dreamed up in lingering creative spaces!

I actually find myself craving a 'go slow' day and can't see one in sight till after Christmas......

I love the picture above. The simplicity. The emptiness. A lovely space begging to be filled. That's a little how writing feels for me. A creative space begging to be filled. We each find creativity in different things, music, art, dancing, gardening, sport, painting, photography, wherever it is for you, express it.......

Hoping then for each of us in this busy season, some times and spaces that can fill rather than just drain; inspire, nurture and fulfill not just demand, deplete and take.

Life is lived one moment at a time. 

Capturing the moments is a delicate art. 

Grateful for moments that take our breath away in the midst of responsibility and commitments.