Thursday, 14 November 2013

Table talk

As my first born graduates from high school and is about to embark on a brand new chapter of his life. My heart spins to an uncharted rhythm. He already spends most of his time @school, work, or with his mates. His dinner times at home now are counted on 1 hand rather than 2.

We have children with the hope they grow into healthy, happy, independent, community serving adults. But when they reach this stage, it's harder to let them go than imagined....

No parenting book prepares us for the barrage of feelings that accompany this phase in life. Though there are myriads of books written on the 'empty nest' syndrome or of children leaving home. The reading of, the knowledge of, still doesn't immunise against the mixed emotions that accompany it. Happy. Sad. Nostalgic.

My fourth born commented recently how much she loved that we turned the TV off and ate dinner at the dinning room table every night.

Such a simple act.

Such precious time.

She had recently had a sleep over where watching TV couch dinners were the norm, nobody talked to each other she noted.

Dinner time. T A B L E  T A L K has always been highly prized in our family. We have only had the TV on during meal times under super, exceptional circumstances {Usaine Bolt running the Olympic 100mtr sprint, an absolute must to catch live} and other momentous world events. At all other times, the TV is off during dinner.

Dinner time is sacred.

Couch dinners are a rarity as much as the momentous world events in our home.

Sunshine's comment about loving family dinner times was music to a mother's ear. We all hope that precious family traditions as simple as they maybe, are etched with positivity.

As my four stretch their wings, with dancing, part time jobs, music and social lives, it is becoming a treat for us all to be @home at the one time to dine together anyway.

All the more to treasure these times. To debrief. To talk through the day. Plan the week ahead. Logistics. Raise issues. Debate. Laugh. Love. Live. Cherish.

Cherishing table talk
Cherishing dinner time
Cherishing milestone moments yet again