Saturday, 21 September 2013

artistic potential

Rose bud creation, making food come to life! 

Being able to see the artistic potential in the world around us isn't just for artistic types; painters, poets & professionals, it's for ALL of us regardless of artistic ability.

This week our lunch was kindly prepared for us by a delightful young chef at one of the RACFs (Residential Aged Care Facilities) where I work. He made a tray of simple sandwiches into pure art each day creating something special out of something most of us would throw away!

Exhibit a) above, rose bud out of tomato skin.

It struck me again how creativity oozes in everything. Even a boring plate of sandwiches can come alive with some artistic creativity and flair.

Little things delight me. This little rose bud reminded me of the artistic potential in each of us and especially within each of my much yet to be released.

We may not be a culinary chef or sculptor in the pure essence of these but we do create, sculpt and fill as parents. Some of it is without our control (the creative process of embryo to baby) however once they are born how we shape our children's lives is largely within our control.

Being able to see the potential in our children and nurturing that is the wonderful privilege we have as parents. Seeing it as a joyful responsibility and not a burden is a part of cherishing them.

We see such diversity in their unique personalities, their likes, dislikes, their passions, interests, strengths and weaknesses, their friendship circles & networks...... seeing their potential to be the best they can be is like creating roses out of tomato skins!

Cherishing the little things
Cherishing artistic potential
Cherishing our responsibility as parents