Thursday, 3 October 2013

Newborn adoration

We all know the mesmerising factor of a newborn. Their tiny perfection. Their smell. Their cuteness. Their adorableness. What is it with newborns and babes that strikes such wonder in the hearts of all?

The same cutesy wutesy pinch able cheeks and chubby thighs on a baby just aren't as cute on an adult are they?

Their flawless skin, innocence and helplessness melts even the hardest hearts.

Every move they make be it stretching to yawning sends us all into ooohhhs and arghs. Being adored for any little facial expression, every roll, every attempt at a smile, pretty much anything they do except crying, we wow at.

It reminded me of when EQ was a newborn and of being in the city at a popular cafe. We just happened to bump into the very famous, Tommy Emmanuel! For those not acquainted with Tommy's music, he is an Australian guitarist, one of the world's most acclaimed. We were both standing in line to pay for our bill, quietly debating whether to ask for his autograph when HE asked us if he could sniff our baby? "I love the smell of newborns", he said! If it hadn't been Tommy Emmanuel we would have thought it a weird request by a stranger! However his fame somehow made his request acceptable and yes EQ was sniffed by Tommy at about 1 week of age! EQ does play the guitar and though his brush with fame has not led him to be a super guitarist himself, it is a bemusing story we like to tell.

Sunday our family had a beach get together and our newest little cousin, 3 months old held centre stage in his car capsule. Wooing us all with his baby magic. While his older toddler brother came a close second running around just being super energetic.

It struck me again how the wonder of new life has existed the world over since time began. Seeing my daughters caught in the wonder of their newborn {3 months is not quite so newborn anymore, but new enough} cousin, fixed on him for almost 2 hours was pure delight.

The phenomena of newborn adoration fills most families where children are cherished. No wonder children struggle grappling the concept they are not the centre of the universe when for much of their early years we treat them as though they are!

Babies and toddlers by their very nature demand our whole attention as they need us for absolutely everything. Yet as they grow and become ever slowly more independent they tend to loose centre stage.

The focus shifts from being adored as a babe to being nurtured, cared for and encouraged to flourish and shine be it at school, in sports, in dance, in music, in life. We go from being adored simply for who we are to being appreciated for our achievements or what we do.

A gentle reminder to cherish our children simply for who they are, not what they do or are becoming.

Our culture is so easily production driven. Though it's wonderful to see our children strive for excellence in what they do and to achieve their full potential it is also wonderful to see them thrive simply just being who they are too!

Cherishing the wonder of newborns
Cherishing the lessons of new life 
Cherishing our children for who they are