Tuesday, 13 August 2013

dance, eat, sleep, repeat

Two days off school for the Ekka show. Seems a tad excessive doesn't it?

To us as parents it does, but for our kids certainly not! Bring it on, they say!

On Monday as the regional public holiday for the Royal Queensland Show (official name for the Ekka) my lovely Sunshine came to work with me. I had to drive to the office at Southport, so had the delightful company of just Sunshine for the 2 hour round trip. As she had spent the past week with her Dad we were playing catch ups!

Chatting as you do about this, that & the other. Sunshine made the comment she had danced for 30hrs last week. With an upcoming eisteddfod an extra practise was held on the weekend. She had actually danced for 12 hrs straight on Saturday, during the day with Steps and in the evening with One Salt water. Then again all day Sunday.

When we talked about it she realised she had danced as much as she had been at school! Almost a full time job equivalent.

Sunshine succinctly summed up her weekend as being;

Dance, eat, sleep, repeat! 

She loves it that much she feels lost if she isn't dancing! On a day off, her body doesn't quite know what to do. A snooze in the car on the drive home perhaps! She'd earnt it well and truly.

I sometimes feel like I must be a bad parent to let her dance so much. Then look at elite athletes, tennis champions, swim stars and think of the obsessive hours they must have put in. No parent could force a child/teen to get up at 4am every morning for swimming, that's for sure. You have to love it and be driven within yourself to be that committed.

Sunshine is that committed and though part of my job as a parent is to sometimes remind her that there are others things in life besides dancing, I still marvel at her passion, zeal, striving & diligence! I wish I could be more like her!

Cherishing yet again 1:1 time
Cherishing dreams of my children
Cherishing their determination & hard work 

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